Cuban flag chained by US Pad Lock


Cuba has endured 64 years of a U.S. economic blockade.This intensified when President Trump unjustifiably put Cuba on a list of so-called State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT).President Biden has continued that listing. Companies worldwide that want to sell medicines or food to Cuba often can’t because their own bank refuses to accept Cuba’s payment under threat of enormous fines from the U.S.treasury for dealing with “terrorists.”

Tell Biden that he must, with a stroke of his pen, remove Cuba from this arbitrary list.

  • Make your opinions known to your Congressional representatives – by phone, email or best of all in person.
  • Get a resolution passed and sent to Biden, by your union branch, labor council or city council

The NNOC, along with partner organizations in the Cuban solidarity movement are coordinating a major campaign to get Cuba off the State Sponsors of Terror (SSOT) List and break the U.S. government economic blockade of Cuba. We’re calling, writing, meeting, and rallying to get Cuba off the SSOT List!


Help us to send cardiac pacemakers to Cubans who need them to survive. And act to stop the U.S. government’s economic siege of Cuba.

Cuba’s exemplary health service, free to all its citizens and many others through its international missions, now can’t access many medicines and supplies essential for the care, at times life saving, that its people need.

Cubans with heart conditions are dying or suffering serious symptoms because there are no heart pacemakers to implant. The most seriously ill cannot leave the hospital without a pacemaker.

Act now with your tax-deductible donation!

Make checks payable to Global Health Partners, memo pacemakers, and mail to Global Health Partners, 39 Broadway, Suite 1540 New York, NY 10006

For Card payments visit our website

The NNOC is home to over 65 organizations standing in solidarity with the Cuban people to demand an end to the criminal U.S. economic blockade against Cuba!

NNOC Co-Chair Comments at 7th African Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba "Africa's Commitment to the Cuban Revolution"

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Excerpts from statement:

“The US empire is on a rapid decline and the subjugation of all oppressed people all around the world is no longer working. This is a huge opportunity for the Cuba solidarity movement. Millions of people are standing in solidarity with us and this is the moment to seize.

This 7th conference is uniquely positioned in South Africa, a nation that has taken a strong stance against the ongoing genocidal atrocities in Gaza. This alignment of this conference with South Africa’s call for justice at an international level adds profound meaning to our collective efforts. It underscores the interconnectedness of global struggles for human rights and liberation.

The plight of the Palestinian people also resonates with the experiences of those who fought against apartheid in South Africa and exemplifies the shared commitment to confronting injustice wherever it occurs. Anywhere there’s a struggle against capitalism and imperialism is my homeland.”

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“A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past.”
― Fidel Castro