Resolutions (updated Feb. 1, 2023)


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The following U.S. City Councils, County Boards, State Legislatures, School Boards, Labor Councils, Unions, Workers Organizations, and other organizations have passed 68 resolutions which have addressed: 

  • Supporting ending the U.S. embargo/blockade on Cuba, and
  • Saving Lives through scientific collaboration with Cuba regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Urging that Cuba be removed from the U.S. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

Some levels of these governmental units or labor unions have passed more than one resolution regarding Ending the Embargo, Saving Lives, and/or Removing from Terrorism list. This is indicated next to the name of each with the name(s) of one or more resolutions. Units of government are now sending letters individually signed by elected officials to the President and Congressional delegations.

These units of government and labor organizations together represent over 43 million people as part of their populations.

City Councils

Baltimore, Maryland (End the Embargo)

Berkeley, California (3 resolutions: End the Embargo, Saving Lives, Remove from Terrorism List)

Boston, Massachusetts (End the Embargo)

Bloomington, Indiana (Remove from Terrorism List and End the Embargo)

Brookline, Massachusetts (2 resolutions: End the Embargo, Saving Lives)

Cambridge, Massachusetts (2 resolutions: Saving Lives, End the Embargo)

Chicago, Illinois (End the Embargo)

Cleveland, Ohio (End the Embargo)

Detroit Michigan (End the Embargo)

Hartford, Connecticut (End the Embargo)

Helena, Montana (End the Embargo)

Madison, Wisconsin (End the Embargo)

Meridian Township, Michigan (End the Embargo)

Minneapolis, Minnesota (2 resolutions: Saving Lives, End the Embargo, Council letter on Remove from Terrorism list)

New Haven, Connecticut (End the Embargo)

Oakland, California (2 resolutions: End the Embargo, Saving Lives)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2 resolutions: End the Embargo, Saving Lives)

Richmond, California (2 resolutions: End the Embargo, Saving Lives)

Sacramento, California (2 resolutions: End the Embargo, Saving Lives)

St. Paul, Minnesota (2 resolutions: End the Embargo, Welcoming Cuban diplomats and End the Embargo)

San Francisco, California (Saving Lives)

Santa Cruz, California (Saving Lives)

Seattle, Washington (2 resolutions: End the Embargo, Saving Lives

Somerville, Massachusetts (End the Blockade & Remove from Terrorism list)

Windham and Willimantic, Connecticut (End the Blockade)

County Boards

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (End the Embargo)

Wayne County, Michigan (End the Embargo)

State Legislatures

State of Alabama Senate (End the Embargo)

State of Illinois House of Representatives (End the Embargo)

State of Michigan Senate (End the Embargo)

State of Minnesota legislature (2 resolutions: End the Embargo passed in Senate and House, Saving Lives resolution introduced in Senate and House both in 2020 and 2021 sessions)

School Boards

Lennox Public Schools (Los Angeles)

Milwaukee Public SchoolsLabor Councils, Unions and Workers Organizations

AFSCME 3800, Minnesota

AFT Local 2334 CUNY, Professional Staff Congress

ATU Local 1005, Minnesota

Albany, New York, Labor Council

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)

California Federation of Labor

Coalition of Labor Union Women

Fresno Central Labor Council, California

Inlandboatmen’s Union of Pacific (End the Blockade, Remove from Terrorism List)

ILWU 2021 International Convention

Martin Luther King, Jr. County Labor Council, King County, Washington

National Black Worker Center

Professional Staff Congress, City University of New York

Sacramento Central Labor Council, California (Remove from Terrorism List, End the Blockade)

San Francisco Labor Council, California

Troy, New York Labor Council (End the Embargo, Remove from Terrorism List)

Washington State Labor Council


Miami-Dade Democratic Party

Midwestern Legislative Conference of the Council of State Governments

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Zapata – King Neighborhood Council of Los Angeles


Compiled by Saving Lives Campaign – Resolutions Committee, February 1, 2023
For changes to this list, please contact Marcy Shapiro at [email protected]