The NNOC is a U.S.-based umbrella organization composed of over 50 organizations advocating for an end to Washington’s hostility towards Cuba, especially the inhumane U.S. economic blockade against Cuba.

We were founded September 21, 1991 in Washington, D.C.

2023 Leadership Team

There are 5 coordinators who facilitate organizational coordination and follow-up between NNOC National Meetings. This includes supporting requests made by Task Forces and Member Organizations.


Cheryl LaBash


Shaquille Fontenot

Shaquille Fontenot


Calla Walsh


César Omar Sánchez


Tim Rupprecht


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John Waller


Our Task Forces

Media Task Force

The goal of the NNOC’s Media Task Force is to The goal of the NNOC Media Task Force is to create and organize the dynamic media needed to support the work of the NNOC. This includes managing the NNOC website and brand, developing social media strategy, arranging media appearances and outreach, managing internal and external communications, and promoting the optimizing the use of various media forms to promote the strength of the Cuban people and to stand against U.S. imperialism and aggression. Contact [email protected] to join this task force.

Resolutions Task Force

The Resolutions Committee does the detailed work of producing draft resolutions, letters and other resource materials to get resolutions passed in councils, labor bodies and anywhere else we can. New members always welcome!
If you are thinking of trying to get a resolution passed where you are – we are always here to offer advice and support. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Political Education Task Force

The goal of the PE task force of the NNOC is to design creative programming and political education opportunities for NNOC members, associates, and the general public.

This includes partnerships with member organizations and institutions to share the truth about the Cuban government and the Cuban people. Contact [email protected] to join this task force.

#OFFTHELIST June 25th (Action Task Force)

We are currently designing plans with members and friends to solidify our DC action & cultivate ideas for dynamic local actions! Let’s unite and make sure our voices are heard all over! This isn’t just about DC! Whether you’ll be participating in DC or organizing your own local action (or both) please join us! Contact [email protected] to be added to our next planning session.