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Please enjoy our growing collection of political education resources! This page is a work in progress and will updated after the 2023 May Day Brigade of International Solidarity with the Cuban People!

Feel free to share and download materials for your local actions and political education events!

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History Will Absolve Me by Fidel Castro.

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Additional Resources

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Additional Resources (Please Note: This List is a Work in Progress)

Informative Articles

Book List!

  • Women in Cuba: The making of a Revolution within the Revolution by Vilma Espin, Asela de Los Santos, and Yolanda Ferrer
  • In Defense of Socialism by Fidel Castro
  • Socialism and Man in Cuba by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro
  • We are Cuba: How a Revolutionary People Survived in a Post-Soviet World by Helen Yaffe
  • Fidel & Malcolm X; Memories of A Meeting by Rosemari Mealy
  • History Will Absolve Me by Fidel Castro
  • Cuba and Its Neighbors: Democracy in Motion by Arnold August
  • Cuba-U.S. Relations; Obama and Beyond by Arnold August
  • The US and Cuba: A Chronological History by Jane Franklin
  • Voices From The Other Side: An Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba 
  • by Keith Bolender
  • We Are Not Prepared To Renounce Our Sovereignty; Press Conference by Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cuba, Felipe Perez Roque, April 9, 2002 
  • What Lies Across the Water; The Real Story of the Cuban 5 by Stephen Kimber
  • Revolutionary Doctors; How Cuba and Venezuela Are Changing The World’s Conception of Healthcare by Steve Brouwer 
  • Sanctions as War: US Sanctions Cuba ‘to Bring About Hunger, Desperation and the Overthrow of the Government’ by Helen Yaffe 
  • Che Guevara Speaks to Young People by Che Guevera

Afro-Cuban History & Culture Reading List by Otis Cunningham Coming Soon

4-Week Political Education Course


The US Blockade

What is it?

Why does it exist?

What are its impacts?


US interference in Cuba

Cuban democracy and elections


Race in Cuba

Women and LGBTQ+ rights, the Cuban Families Code


Cuban internationalism

COVID-19 in Cuba, the Cuban medical system