Our Member Orgs

Membership in the National Network on Cuba

Full Membership in the National Network on Cuba is open to all groups and organizations working on Cuba and in agreement with the NNOC preamble and goals and who agree to abide by the by-laws of the NNOC. Each member organization has one vote. In order to vote at a NNOC meeting, each member organization must pay full dues, or have made a written agreement with the co-chairs to contribute in-kind services six months before the meeting.  For example, if an organization cannot pay the total amount of dues they would donate stamps, and/or volunteer time, etc. Any NNOC member group that has neither paid dues nor participated in a NNOC meeting for 3 years will be considered to have relinquished membership and will be required to reapply for membership should they desire to rejoin the network.

Associate Membership in the National Network on Cuba is open to other organizations and individuals (who may or may not represent an organization) that bring resources (e.g. skills, expertise, supportive activity) to the NNOC.  Associate Members will not be able to vote but can participate in working groups, etc.  Associate members will not be required to pay the full dues amount and may offer their resources in lieu of money.

In order to become a Full member of the National Network on Cuba, applicants must:

– Fill out a membership application.

– Secure the sponsorship of at least one (1) current member of the NNOC.

– Present its formal application to a National Meeting where it will be discussed and voted upon. In the event that a group/organization being sponsored is not able to be present, they may either wait until the next National Meeting they can attend or they may opt to have their application presented by a sponsor.

In order to become an Associate member of the National Network on Cuba, applicants must:

– Fill out a membership application.

– Secure the sponsorship of at least one (1) current member of the NNOC.

– Present its formal application to the National Coordinators of the NNOC who will discuss and decide upon membership.

The Rights and Responsibilities of NNOC Members

All members of the National Network on Cuba:

  • Contribute to the National Network of Cuba. Full members pay the dues amount determined by vote of the Full members at a National Meeting. Associate members pay a dues amount determined by the National Coordinators.  In cases of extreme hardship, membership in the NNOC will not be denied due to inability to pay established dues, but as a matter of principle, we encourage members to pledge some amount which is in tune with their economic resources on either a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Participate in National Network Meetings, with one voting delegate per full member organization.
  • Can communicate their proposals, recommendations, etc., to National Meetings prior to or at National Meetings, or in the event they are not able to attend, forward these directly to NNOC members. In the event that an NNOC member is unable to forward these directly they may request that the National Coordinators do so on their behalf.
  1. Can invite observers to the National Network meetings. Observers are invited by member organizations. There is no limit to the number of observers that member groups can invite, except those which may be a result of the type of space and accommodations which are made for National Meetings.
  3. Can sponsor organizations and individuals for membership in the NNOC.

Contact [email protected] with any questions.

List of Member Organizations:

  • African Awareness Association
  • Albany Cuba Solidarity
  • All African Peoples Revolutionary Party
  • Alliance for Global Justice
  • Altruvistas
  • Armed Queers Salt Lake City
  • Autonomous Union of Social Movements
  • Building Relations with Cuban Labor
  • Caribbean American Childrens Foundation
  • Chicago Cuba Coalition
  • Cleveland Cuba Coalition
  • Coalición Alianza Martiana
    Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
    Communist Party USA
    Council on Latin American Relations
    Cuba Si – New York/New Jersey
    DC Metro Coalition on Cuba
    Democratic Socialists of America
  • Detroit Association of Black Organizations
  • Doctors for Detroit/Justice for Cuba Coalition
    Friends of Latin America
  • FSUMC People’s Church
  • Global Exchange
  • Global Health Partnerships
  • Greater Hartford Cuba Solidarity Committee
  • Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice
  • House of Sankofa
  • IFCO/Pastors for Peace
  • Institute for Policy Studies
  • International Action Center
  • International Committee for Peace, Justice, Dignity
  • Iskra Books
  • July 26th Committee Boston
  • LA US Hands off Cuba Coalition
  • Marazul Travel
  • Massachusetts Peace Action
  • Michigan Action for Cuba Committee
  • Minnesota Cuba Coalition
  • National Lawyers Guild Cuba Committee
  • Pittsburgh-Matanzas Sister City Partnership
  • Portland End the Blockade of Cuba Committee
  • Pride at Work Eastern Massachusetts 
  • Pro-Libertad
  • Proximity Cuba
  • Richmond Regla Cuba Friendship Committee
  • Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee
  • Socialist Action
  • Socialist Workers Party
  • Solidarity Committee on the Americas
  • Task Force on the Americas
  • The Hatuey Project
  • Ujima People’s Progress Party
  • United Church of Christ Cuba Study Seminar
  • US Hands off Cuba and
  • Venezuela South Florida Coalition
  • US Women and Cuba Collaboration
  • Venceremos Brigade
  • Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba
  • Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective
  • Women in Struggle – la Lucha
  • Womens International League for Peace and Freedom
  • West Virginia Mountain Party

Member Organizations Features:

ELAM Medical School Scholarship

NNOC member, the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO), has been working since 1991 on a variety of projects to bring about reconciliation and normalized relations between the United States and Cuba and to challenge the immoral US economic blockade of Cuba. Since 1999, IFCO has been working with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), organizing Congressional delegations to visit Cuba. It was during one of these delegations in May 2000 that Cuban medical school scholarships were first offered to US students.

The first US students entered the program in the spring of 2001. By the spring of 2010, 122 US students from 29 states plus Puerto Rico and Washington, DC are enrolled, and 33 US students have already graduated with MD degrees. New students are admitted to enter the Latin American School of Medicine in August. Learn more and apply at ifconews.org/our-work/elam-medical-school.