JOIN THE NNOC, KEY CUBA-SOLIDARITY ORGANIZATIONS & LABOR ACTIVISTS as we explore collaborative ways to support the future of the Cuba solidarity movement. We are inviting member organizations, students and youth activists, workers, and all friends of Cuba to join us in Boston, especially from cities close by. We want your voice included! Will you join us on October 13-15th in Boston? Click below to register now!

OCTOBER 13-15th


Find Cuba solidarity events across the country below. For local events in Boston leading up to NNOC’s annual meeting, go to

What is the #OFFTHELIST Campaign?

The #OFFTHELIST campaign is a multi-tiered campaign combining political education, outreach, and local and national actions to help drive awareness and promote political action!

Our intention is get Cuba off the State Sponsor of Terrorism list immediately! 

Resolutions demanding normalized US-Cuba relations have been passed across the US by city councils, labor unions, and organizations representing over 45 million people. For the past 30 years, every UN member except the US & Israel have voted to end the US Blockade on Cuba. The people aren’t wrong! Biden can take Cuba off the terror list with a stroke of his pen!

How This Affects Cuba:

To put it simply, people cannot access funds from their families abroad, obtain medicines, certain foods, and key resources from other countries due to this ridiculous designation. Other countries are also penalized for supporting Cuba! Banks shy away from working with Cuba due to this designation.

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