Build US-Cuba “Bridges of Love” on last weekend of every month

Cuban-Americans in Miami publicly call for ending the U.S. economic war on Cuba. On the last Sunday with slight changes in November and December, Cuban-Americans and friends caravan on bikes and in cars through Miami, even down Calle Ocho showing that Marco Rubio isn’t the spokesperson for the entire Cuban community in the U.S. This is the third year since Seattle school teacher Carlos Lazo and family rode bikes from the Northwest to Washington, DC sparking this movement. In 2021, a Cuban American team walked from Miami to Washington, DC.

Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Bloomington, Indiana (every month!), Washington, DC, New York City and Albany, Tampa, St. Petersburg and two cities in Massachusetts have had or are having actions on the last weekend of each month. Join in and send a picture to the central reporting whatsapp so the world knows that Cuba is not alone in your community. Send your details to: [email protected] Stay tuned for 2023! Find out how to join your event pictures/videos with others on our whatsapp group.