Cuba begins studies in silent places to find COVID-19 cases

Cuba begins studies in silent places to find COVID-19 cases
HAVANA, Cuba, May 13 (ACN) Francisco Duran, national director of epidemiology at the Cuban health ministry (MINSAP by its Spanish acronym), highlighted the beginning of studies on Tuesday in 1,400 homes of 4,000 apparently healthy people, who will be tested in real time for the presence of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in silent places.
At the daily press conference to update on the epidemiological situation related to the current pandemic, Duran said that since the weekend they have been working with Ultra Micro Analytical System (SUMA by its Spanish acronym) technology, currently it is being processed and when the results can be obtained they will inform.
 On the low lethality presented by Cuba, ranked 14th in the Americas, he stressed that, regardless of this favorable situation and the fact that there are more discharges than confirmed cases, Cuba increases the measures in certain provinces and municipalities, because it is the only way to keep the results.
Many aspects related to immunity and transmission period of the disease are studied, Duran explained.
We have seen asymptomatic cases at the diagnosis that have evolved without symptoms, which is why they have been discharged after 15 days, since it is considered that after that period, they should not present symptoms, he argued.
 Our country is investigating these issues and is drawing up guidelines for action, while waiting for the vaccine, although we are not talking about it so much, we must be optimistic it will appear, the expert concluded.