Cuba saves, heals and sows the seeds of our future

Photo: Juvenal BalánBeginning Monday, October 12, Cuba will begin a new normality, after months of an extremely difficult reality battling the pandemic, while facing the increasingly aggressive blockade imposed by the United States and without renouncing efforts to advance our economic and social strategies, reported President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, yesterday on the Mesa Redonda television program.

These are challenging times, when the work of the united people has once again revealed the strengths that define us before the world, which not even the most incredulous can ignore.

“We feel that this is a moment during which the daily heroism of our people is being demonstrated, when our perseverance, the willpower to resists the exhaustion and fatigue of seven long months, is evident,” Diaz-Canel asserted, recognizing the work of scientists, laboratory workers, technicians, doctors, nurses, health workers and all those who have supported this battle against the new coronavirus in hospitals and isolation centers, among them, young Cubans.

In this struggle for life, the most beautiful values of our society emerged. Solidarity, dedication and sacrifice, vocation and pleasure in giving oneself to others, were evident every day, within and beyond our borders, he noted.

The President, on behalf of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, the Party and the government, recognized all who have contributed to the “miracle of Cuban resistance,” with their achievements and contributions, with everything that has brought light amidst this complex situation, which is not the first that has demanded collective effort and sacrifice, nor will it be the last. Thanks to them, Cuba is at the forefront of the fight for a better, possible, world, after the tragedy of the pandemic, he said.

We are entering a new normality, the President continued, thanks to the efforts and results achieved by an entire people, and at the same time, citizen responsibility continues to be crucial.

“For a people like ours, solidly united around the sovereignty and independence of the nation, which has found in socialism our own path to inclusive prosperity and the sustainability indispensable to planetary survival, there are enormous, but not impossible, challenges. We can overcome them all, we can conquer everything,” the Cuban President insisted.

“Every day is an opportunity to prove that it is possible, as Fidel taught us, as Raul proved to us, as we are all proving. Nothing, no one can stop us now. Love for Cuba unites and mobilizes us, and that love will save us.

“Every thought at this moment is a seed. To think as a country is to sow the future. Today Cuba saves, heals and sows the future. When no other reasons are apparent, we can always be sure that Cuba’s tomorrow absolutely depends on the present we build together, today, here and now,” he concluded.