(on or around February 23rd, 2018)

WHEREAS, February 23, 2018 is the 115th Anniversary of the seizure of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by the United States to create a foreign Military Base, a result of the U.S. provoked Spanish-American War, and further

WHEREAS, the United States used its military power to force the Cuban Constitutional Convention to accept the seizure in its Constitution, and further

WHEREAS, upon the success of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 Cuba demanded the repudiation of the Treaty, ceased cashing the annual U.S. Payment of $4,085 and called for the complete sovereignty of the Bay by the Cuban Government, and further

WHEREAS, the United States has refused to return Guantanamo Bay to the Cuban people, citing the forcibly imposed Clause in the Treaty that BOTH parties must agree to the cancellation of the Treaty, and further

WHEREAS, U.S. occupation of Guantanamo Bay provides United States military dominance in the Caribbean and South America and is a threat to the independence and sovereignty of the peoples in that vast area, and further

WHEREAS, under U.S. control, Guantanamo Bay has become a center of torture and abrogation of human rights, violations of elementary U.S. and international standards that are condemned by the civilized world,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Bases unanimously calls upon the global peace movement to organize, on or around February 23, 2018, Actions calling for the United States to promptly withdraw all its forces and personnel from Guantanamo Bay and immediately declare ALL agreements ceding Cuban control of Guantanamo Bay to the U.S. to be null and void.