See livestream of July 25 welcome for Cuban-Americans walking from Miami to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba

Watch live on Facebook or Youtube: Guardianes de la Salud

Caravans in nine other cities and more in others:

Can’t travel? Join one of the NINE July 25 Caravans. Having a solidarity event not listed? Please fill out this form.
Seattle | San Francisco Bay Area | Fresno | Los Angeles | Tempe (Phoenix area) | Albuquerque | Dallas | Milwaukee | Pittsburgh
Other activities:
July 24 Fresno, Calif. – Let Cuba Live
July 25 Bloomington, Ind. – End the blockade of Cuba Elimina el bloqueo
July 25 Chicago – Let Cuba Live Abajo el bloqueo
July 25 Tampa, Fla. – End the Blockade
July 28 Des Moines, Iowa – Hands off Cuba