Tribute to Cuban doctors who fight the pandemic

Tribute to Cuban doctors who fight the pandemic

July 19, 2020
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The words of solidarity and support for Cuba were heard emotionally – between music, poetry and dance – at the concert dedicated to the island. Photo: La Jornada

The telematic web of the Internet was transformed into the natural habitat of three dozen musicians, artists and activists to pay tribute to Cuban doctors for their work in front of the Covid-19 around 30 countries, in the meeting titled Concert for Cuba. 

From the elegant sonorous cadence of Omara Portuondo, accompanied by the explosive Failde Orchestra, such as the infinite musical expansion of the Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic to the libertarian poems of the beatnik poet Margaret Randall, the interventions of actor Danny Glover and the educated / Tom Morello’s harsh sounds were delicately braided via streaming.

The words of solidarity and support for Cuba were heard moving – between music, poetry and dance – in the concert dedicated to the island, which began via streaming this Saturday, led by artists, writers and creators, among other personalities from America, Europe , Africa and the Caribbean.

Condemnation of the EU

With various rhythms and poetry, the Concert for Cuba began, which will continue this Sunday, configured to condemn the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba six decades ago by the United States government. 

“Long live Cuba!” It was the unanimous and solidarity cry towards the island by artists, writers, personalities and social activists who added to this unusual celebration of Cuban culture, as well as “to the brave work of Cuban doctors” and hinted at the learning that will stop the Covid-19 pandemic; with which the need to forge new forms of solidarity in our world community has been glimpsed. It also seeks to support the candidacy of the Cuban Medical Officer Henry Reeve for the Nobel Peace Prize “

From their place of confinement, figures such as the English group Bush (nothing to do with George), Osain del Monte, Grupo Moncada, Síntesis, Ozomatli; son music was performed and the orchestras added their sounds in a party not to forget.

This event, conceived by Marguerite Horberg, Executive Director of HotHouse in Chicago, was configured to highlight the cultural exchange with Cuba and the commitment to lift the blockade on the island, as well as “reinforcing our belief in creating bridges between our countries and honoring the courageous work of Cuban doctors,” said Bill Martinez, US producer and organizer of the meeting.

This Saturday the first part of the celebration took place, in which Los Van Van, El Septeto Santiaguero, congress members Jesús García and Danny Davis and Óscar Hernández, among others, participated.

This Sunday the celebration will continue with the participation of the American film documentarian Michael Moore and many other artists. The concert can be seen online on the platform and from 20:00 in Cuba.

(Taken from La Jornada)

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