Help us fundraise! Send US youth to Havana, Nov 24-27




We are fundraising to cover expenses for US youth traveling to Havana for the US-Cuba Youth Friendship Meeting! Please help us by donating + sharing the page with your networks (through social media, email, at meetings, etc). Thanks for the support!

The deadline to register for the Youth Friendship Meeting is November 15. If you’re interested, see more info here and email [email protected] with any questions!


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❗Send US youth to Cuba ❗DONATE HERE: to support US youth attending the US-Cuba Youth Friendship Meeting at the end of November, a historic meeting to build revolutionary solidarity between US & Cuban youth.

🇨🇺In just a couple of weeks, US youth will travel to Havana to participate in the historic US-Cuba Youth Friendship Meeting! DONATE HERE to support their trip: