NNOC Congratulations to Cuba on 60th Anniversary

Jan 10, 2019 by

The National Network On Cuba (NNOC) would like to offer congratulations and solidarity on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution to our friends and neighbors in Cuba. We join with the many people around the globe who are struggling for peace and justice in honoring these 60 years of revolution.

Cuba is a much more than a symbol to the rest of the world. Cuba has demonstrated that a country CAN provide the human rights of health, education, and culture to its people and has done so despite the relentless efforts of the United States to destroy its revolution.

More than just providing for its own people, Cuba has contributed to the rights for self-determination around the world. It has been a model of solidarity as its duty to human kind. From the liberation struggles in Africa where its brave fighters returned not with gold or mineral wealth, but only the bones of their fallen comrades until the present day where equally brave medical personnel are fighting Ebola and other diseases, Cuba is an example to the world of solidarity and brotherhood/sisterhood.

We offer our gratitude to the Cuban people for their generosity in providing not only medical assistance, but the training of doctors from around the world, including from the United States.

We again recognize the contributions of the literacy campaign which, in the first years of the revolution, devoted itself to educating the population and continues to share that with the “Yo, sí puedo” program that is successfully eliminating illiteracy in the region.

Cuba is a model in environmental policy and disaster preparedness as demonstrated with the minimal loss of life and prioritization of recovery and rebuilding after the devastating hurricanes of recent years.

We join the Cuban people and people throughout the world in recognizing and thanking the leaders of the revolution, Che, Fidel , Raúl and others for their struggle, leadership, and vision that has enabled many to truly experience that another world; a more just and dignified world, is possible. We join the Cuban people in congratulating the leaders of the Cuban revolution who will live on through the deeds of the current and future generation of leaders. We look forward to celebrating the inauguration of the new constitution and applaud the democratic and inclusive process of debates and discussion in formulating the constitution.

As residents of the United States, we, members of the NNOC, have a responsibility to continue to work through education, advocacy, and in other venues, to end the economic, commercial, and financial blockade of Cuba, to return the occupied Guantanamo territory, to end the travel ban, and for the respect of Cuban sovereignty. Cuba, we re-affirm our commitment to you!

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