In the Footsteps of Che International Brigade October 1-15, 2017

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In the Footsteps of Che International Brigade

October 1-15, 2017

Dear Friends,

To mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Che Guevara, the Cuban Friendship Institute – ICAP (Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos) – invites you to participate in an International Brigade / In the Footsteps of Che from October 1-15, 2017.

The May Day International Brigade, which just returned, included more than 300 participants from 29 countries with the largest single contingent of 54 from the U.S!

The extraordinary cost for this two-week program (Sunday, October 1 to Sunday, October 15):

$650 per person including

– 14 nights accommodations: 9 nights at the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp outside Havana and 5 nights at hotels in Santa Clara and Sancti Spiritus.

– All meals

– All transportation including transfers from/to the airport

– Bi-lingual guides

– Full program of visits and exchanges (see attached DRAFT program below)

Additional costs

– $75 for the visa if done through Marazul plus $25 FedEx fee for delivery of your visa.

– Airfare is separate and varies depending on your departure point and which airline you choose. You can arrange your own flights on-line or ask Marazul.  See list of current flights attached.

The application form follows. The tentative deadline is September 10th but we urge you to send your application as soon as possible.

Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have.

Bob Guild  [email protected]   Giselle Ortega  [email protected]

Marazul Charters, Inc., 1 Marine Plaza, Suite 302, North Bergen, NJ 07047

800-223-5334 ext 16/ 201-319-1054 ext 16  / 201-319-8970 fax


“In the Footsteps of Che” International Brigade

Programa de la Brigada Internacional “Por los  Caminos del Che”

October 1-15, 2017

Sunday, October 1

Arrive José Martí Airport in Havana

Transfer to the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp (CIJAM) in Caimito –15 miles from the airport.

Monday, October 2

07: 00 hrs                Breakfast

09: 30 hrs                Floral wreath presentation in memory of Julio Antonio Mella

10.00 hrs                 Official welcoming activitiy with compañeros who fought with Che.

12: 00 hrs.               Lunch.

15. 00 hrs               Panel discussion on the legacy of Che in facing the challenges of the Cuban


19: 00                      Meeting of the camp coordinators.

20: 00 hrs.               Dinner. Noche Cubana (Cuban Night) at the Camp.

Tuesday, October 3

05: 15 – 06:15 hrs      Breakfast

06: 30 hrs.                   Depart for Pinar del Rio province and La Cueva de los Portales, a huge cave

which served as the headquarters for the Western Army under Che’s leadership

during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Lunch in Pinar del Rio

15:30 hrs.                   Return to CIJAM

18: 00 hrs.                  Dinner

20: 00 hrs.                  Country delegation meetings.

21.30 hrs.                   Coordinating Committee meeting

Wednesday, October 4

06: 00 hrs.               Breakfast

07: 00hrs.                Pre-work meeting and depart for volunteer work at a nearby cooperative farm.

12: 00 hrs.                Lunch.

13.30 hrs Depart for Havana

14.30 hrs.                 Visit to the Morro-Cabanas Fortress across the harbor which was Che’s headquarters after the victory of the Revolution.

17.00 hrs                 Visit to the Che Guevara Studies Center.

Meet with the leadership of the Center and with family members of Che.

19.00 hrs                  Dinner and cultural activity at Casa de la Amistad (House of Friendship).

23: 00 hrs.                Return to CIJAM

Thursday, October 5

05 : 1 5 –05.45hrs.     Breakfast

06: 00 hrs.                 Depart for Villa Clara Province

10:00  hrs                  Reception by provincial leaders and by representatives of the Association of

Combat Veterans in the Ernesto Guevara Plaza of the Revolution in Santa Clara.

Floral presentation by each brigadista.

Presentation by specialists at the Museum and Mausoleum.

The mausoleum includes the remains of Che and of the other internationalists who

died with him in Bolivia. The nearby Mausoleam of the Villa Clara Front includes the remains of 69 combatents who fell during the liberation of Villa Clara under Che’s command during the Revolutionary war.

Visit the Armored Train Museum recounting the attack by Che’s forces the

Battle of Santa Clara

Then visit the statue of Che holding a child in front of the Communist Party’s

offices in Santa Clara (which was his second command center during the war)

13.00 – 15: 30 hrs      Check-in at the hotel and lunch

16.00 hrs:              Meeting at the hotel with combatants who were with Che in the battles of Las

Villa and who were with him as internationalist fighters in the Congo.

19.00 hrs                Dinner

21:00 hrs.              Welcome activity at the hotel.

Friday, October 6

07.00 a 08.00 hrs     Breakfast at the hotel.

08.30 – 11.30 hrs    Voluntary work at a local workplace.

12.00 – 13.30 hrs       Lunch at the hotel.

13.45 hrs                    Leave for Las Villas Central University

14.00 – 15.45 hrs      Visit with the Department of Education at Villa Clara University (which was the

site of Che’s command center during the war) and which later presented

Che with an honorary doctorate.

Meet and exchange with participants from the – Canadian –  Ernesto

Che Guevara Solidarity Brigade.

16.00 hrs                   Participate in the march “In the footsteps of Che”

18.45 – 20.30 hrs      Dinner at the hotel.

21.00 – 22.45 hrs.     Get-together with community members of the local Committee for the Defense of

the Revolution (CDR)

Sábado 7 de octubre

06.30 – 07.45 hrs  Breakfast at the hotel

07.45 hrs                   Leave for Guinía de Miranda, the first town liberated by Che’s troops in Central


09:30 hrs                 Visit to the monument commemorating this event and exchange with combat veterans. Reception with local leaders..

11:30 hrs         Transfer to the Hotel Hanabanilla.  Lunch at the Rio Negro restaurant,

Optional activities offered by the hotel.

16:30 hrs       Return to the hotel.

19:00 – 21 hrs     Dinner

Free night.

Sunday, October 8  Day of the Heroic Guerilla in Cuba

On October 8, 1967, Che Guevara was captured by Bolivian special forces under the orders of the CIA. He was murdered the following day.

06:00 hrs.           Breakfast at the hotel.

07:00 hrs.           Depart for the demonstration marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Che in


12.00 – 13.30   Lunch at the hotel.

14.00                Leave for the province of Sancti Spiritus

16.00 hrs.   Reception with provincial leaders at the Monument to the Martyrs.

Floral offering

18.00 hrs.   Lodging at the hotel

19.00 hrs.  Dinner.

21.00 hrs. Visit to the community project “Casa de la Guayabera”

Cultural activity dedicated to Che..

Monday, October 9

07.00 hrs Breakfast at the hotel.

08.00 hrs       Depart for El Pedrero in Fomento, another town liberated in Santa Clara province by

Che’s forces.

09.30 hrs Memorial presentation at the cemetery of the Martyrs of Column 8 with city officials.

Floral offering.

Meet and exchange with veterans of the battle.

11.30 hrs Encuentro con miembros de la comunidad serrana.

13:00 hrs Cold lunch at the Base Camp “La Hormiga”.

Enjoy the site.

17.00 hrs Return to the hotel.

19.00 hrs Dinner

Free night. Cultural activity at the hotel.

Tuesday, October 10  National Holiday

07: 00 hrs.      Breakfast at the hotel

09.00 hrs      Provincial Rally on the 148th Anniversary of the Declaration of Cuban

Independence by the father of the country, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes.

12: 00 hrs.     Lunch at the hotel.

13: 30 hrs.   Return to the camp.

19. 30 hrs. Arrival back at CIJAM

20:00 hrs.    Dinner

Free night

Wednesday, October 11

06.00  hrs      Breakfast

07:00hrs.       Pre-work meeting, then volutary work at the farm cooperative

12:00hrs Lunch

15:00 hrs       Meetings and exchanges with members of the Federation of Cuban Women

(FMC), the Cuban Trade Union Federation (CTC), high school students

(FEEM), college students (FEU) and the Union of Young Communists (UJC).

18.30 hrs         Dinner

20.00 hrs        Meeting of the camp coordinating committee

20:30 hrs Brigadista Talent Night at the camp

OPTIONAL at extra cost: Tropicana Night Club

Thursday, October 12

06 : 15 hrs      Breakfast

07: 30 hrs Pre-work meeting, then volutary work at the farm cooperative.

12.30 hrs.       Lunch

14:30 hrs Final voluntary work session.

18: 30 hrs.       Dinner

21. 00 hrs.       Film about Che

Optional activities will be offered by Amistur

Friday, October 13

07:00 hrs.     Breakfast

10: 00 hrs. Solidarity Meeting.

12: 30 hrs. Lunch

Afternoon  Each country’s delegation prepares for International Night.

18:00 hrs.       Dinner

20:00 hrs.  International Night.

Saturday, October 14

Some delegations will depart for their home countries.

07:30 hrs Breakfast

09:30 hrs.        Sports activities.

12.30 hrs         Lunch

Afternoon Free time

19.00 hrs         Dinner

20:30 hrs. Cuban film presentation

Other optional activities will be offered by Amistur for this day.

Sunday, October 15

07:30 hrs.            Desayuno

Depart by bus to the airport and your return to your home countries.






In the Footsteps of Che

International Brigade

October 1-15, 2017












Addition to this application, we must receive a copy of the information page of your passport


Full Name (as on passport):                                                                                                                                                                         

First                                   M.I.                                                 Last


Home Address:                                                                                                                                                                                               

street                                                    city                              state                         zip


Birth Date:                                                                                                        Birth Place                                                                           


Passport Number:                                                        Exp.Date (must be valid for six months after entry to Cuba)                                   


Citizenship:                                                                                   Occupation:                                                                                             


Telephone:   daytime (             )                                                               cell   (              )                                                          


Fax: (           )                                                                         Email                                                                                                               


Gender:                                                                                  F                          M


If not a U.S. citizen, # of Alien Registration Card or Visa:                                                      Exp. Date:                                                                                   


            Please find enclosed my certified check or money order made payable to Marazul Charters, Inc. for $150 deposit

or full payment, or please find attached the credit card authorization form.


        Please arrange my flights to/from Havana


        I have arranged my own flights to/from Havana and will send the confirmed flight information (dates, flights, times) to Marazul.


Date of arrival in Havana (if other than Oct 1)                                                                                                                                   


Date of departure from Havana (if other than Oct 15)                                                                                                        


Vegetarian or other dietary requirements or restrictions                                                                                                 



Do you speak Spanish?                                                                                                                                


VISA INFORMATION*: All travelers must have a valid passport and a Cuban visa. You are responsible for having proper documentation on your person to enter Cuba as well as to re-enter the United States and proper documentation to travel via a third country (if necessary) to Cuba. Marazul will help provide Cuban Tourist Card-Visas for this program – unless you were born in Cuba (and in this case, please contact our office right away).


*Very Important: persons born in Cuba, no matter what your current citizenship, will require additional documentation. Please contact our office for further information.                                                                     







PAYMENTS: Payments to Marazul Charters, Inc. can be sent via institutional checks (e.g. colleges or universities), certified check, cashier’s check, bank transfer, or via credit card. We cannot accept personal checks. Credit card payments can only be made via our Credit Card Authorization Form (enclosed).


U.S. AUTHORIZATION TO TRAVEL: Marazul Charters, Inc. can only make arrangements on behalf of individuals authorized to travel by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. For this program, you will be traveling under the General License authorizing individuals engaged in people to people educational exchange, and you must sign the certification statement on page 4 and return it to our office with this application..



Programs to Cuba are subject to the following cancellation charges if you cancel for any reason:

If your notice is received:                                                          You will receive:

30 or more days before departure……………………………………. Full refund less $100

29 days or less before departure………………………………………. No refund


Above charges do not include cancellation charges imposed by the airlines.


Marazul Charters, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the issuance or denial of licenses by the Office of Foreign

Assets Control nor for the issuance or denial of visas by Cuba.



Marazul Charters, Inc. and its employees, shareholders, officers, directors, successors, agents, and assigns, neither own nor operate any person or entity which is to, or does, provide goods or services for these trips or tours. Because Marazul Charters, Inc does not maintain any control over the personnel, equipment, or operations of these suppliers, Marazul Charters, Inc assumes no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, death, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of (1) any wrongful, negligent, willful, or unauthorized acts or omissions on the part of any of the tour suppliers, or other employees of agents, (2) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment, instrument owned, operated or otherwise by any of these suppliers, or (3) any wrongful, willful, or negligent act or omissions on any part of any other party not under the supervision or control of the Operator (4) sickness, weather, strikes, hostilities, wars, terrorist acts, acts of nature, local laws or other such causes. All services and accommodations are subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which they are provided. Marazul Charters, Inc is not responsible for any baggage or personal effects of any individual participating in the trips arranged by Marazul Charters, Inc. Individual travelers are responsible for purchasing a travel insurance policy, if desired, that will cover some of the expenses associated with the loss of luggage or personal effects.




I,                                                                         , have read the disclaimer stated above and I hereby release and discharge Marazul Charters, its agents, employees, officers, directors, shareholders and successors from and against any and all liability arising from my participation in this trip. I agree that this release will be legally binding upon myself, my heirs, successors, assigns and legal representatives; it being my intention to fully assume all risk of travel and to release Marazul Charters, Inc from any and all liabilities to the maximum permitted by law.





Name                                                                                     Dates of travel


Address (Street)                                                                    City                        State       Zip






Dear Client,


In order to authorize Marazul Charters, Inc. to charge your credit card for the services indicated, please fill out and return this form to our office at the address listed above or via fax with a copy of both sides of your credit card.


Charges can only be made to the actual traveler’s credit card – except for spouses and children. In this case, we also require a copy of the credit card holder’s driver’s license or photo i.d.


We reserve the right to refuse to accept charges to any credit card not issued to the traveler.


FIRST NAME                                                                     M.I.                        LAST NAME                                                                      

(credit card holder – as it appears on your credit card)


BILLING ADDRESS                                                                                                                                                                                                        



TEL (Days)                                                                                                                                          (Evenings)                                                                           

FAX                                                                                       EMAIL                                                                                                                                


TYPE OF CREDIT CARD – Choose one (no other cards accepted):     VISA                      MASTER CARD


                                                                                                                                                AMERICAN EXPRESS                   


ACCOUNT NUMBER                                                                                                                      EXP.DATE          /               /              


Credit Card Security Code*                                                                                           

* The last 3 digits found on the signature strip on the reverse side of your VISA or MASTERCARD

Or the 4 digits found on the front side of your AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD



SIGNATURE                                                                                                                       DATE                                                                                   

(authorized signature)


►AMOUNT AUTHORIZED: $                                                                     DATES OF TRAVEL                                                                       



Programs to Cuba are subject to the following cancellation charges if you cancel for any reason:

If your notice is received:                                                              You will receive:

30 or more days before departure……………………………………… Full refund less your deposit

29 days or less before departure………………………………………… No refund

Above charges do not include cancellation charges imposed by the airlines

Marazul Charters, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the issuance or denial of licenses by the Office of Foreign

Assets Control nor for the issuance or denial of visas by Cuba.

Certification of Travel to Cuba

Under a General License


Effective March 15, 2016


I understand that I must keep full and accurate records of the transactions I engage in related to this travel for 5 years from the date of the transaction.


I have read the section of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, 31 C.F.R. Part 515 that is checked off below (for a complete list of the requirements and restrictions for travel to Cuba (go to ) and I certify that I satisfy all the conditions for traveling to Cuba identified in that section of the regulations OR I have provided Marazul Charters, Inc. with a copy of my specific license.


I understand I must also have a valid Cuban entry document to travel.


________________________________________    _______________________________          SIGNATURE                                                 NAME (please print)


________________________________________    ________________________________

DATES OF TRAVEL                                                            ADDRESS – Street






Section of the Regulations / General License that Authorizes My Travel to Cuba:

□      31 C.F.R. § 515.565(b)           People to People Travel

People-to-People Exchanges (Section 515.565(b)): Organizations and individuals participating in educational exchanges not involving academic study pursuant to a degree; provided that:

  1. Travel must be for purposes of engaging in a full-time schedule of activities intended to enhance contact with the Cuban people;
  2. Each traveler must have a full-time schedule of educational activities that will result in meaningful interaction with the Cuban people;

iii.         Travelers must maintain records sufficient to demonstrate that they have engaged in a full-time schedule of activities that satisfy requirements (i) and (ii)






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