Nobel for Cuban doctors campaign launch!

Jun 22, 2020 by

Nearly 8,000 people joined you so far in asking that the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize be awarded to Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade. We’re officially launching the Cuba Nobel campaign on June 16 — help us build this movement!

Alice Walker, Tom Morello, Noam Chomsky, Winona LaDuke, Danny Glover, Mark Ruffalo, Nancy Morejon, Rafael Correa, V (formerly Eve Ensler), Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Petra Costa and Silvio Rodríguez.

What do these people have in common? They joined you and nearly 8,000 others in signing the petition to award the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade.

The Henry Reeve Brigade is part of a longstanding Cuban tradition of offering medical services and aid to countries facing disasters. Right now, during the global pandemic, over 2,000 Cuban medical personnel from this Brigade are fighting COVID-19 in 27 countries. In its 15 years of existence, the Brigade has treated 3.5 million people and saved an estimated 80,000 lives. They are truly worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize!

We’re excited to announce that on June 16 at 8pm, we will officially launch this campaign and we hope to continue counting on your support. Here are the next steps you can take:

  1. Register for and watch an upcoming webinar, on Tuesday, June 16 at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific, in which Danny Glover will speak with Cuban Ambassador José Cabañas about Cuba, COVID-19 and the #Saving Lives Campaign. The Cuba Nobel Campaign will be formally launched during this event!
  2. Follow the campaign:   instagram-cuba_nobel.png
  3. Check out our new website! 
  4. Tell your friends about the campaign and help it grow!

We hope Cuba’s example will inspire those of us in other countries to promote policies and actions that are more compassionate and generous in not only combating pandemics but in building a more just, peaceful and verdant world.

In friendship,

Medea Benjamin and Alicia Jrapko
Co-Chairs of the Cuba Nobel Prize Committee

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